The First Post – An Introduction of Sorts

December 29, 2008 eileenyoung

Hey guys,

Like I say in the title, here’s my introduction.


I’m a 25 year old actress in Scotland with an ambition of gaining better roles and earning enough to live from acting. I want to get better at my chosen career and plan on gaining as much experience as I can.  I thought I’d share these experiences with you… the good, the bad and the desperately in need of makeup.

So far, it’s not really been a walk in the park, from the first background agency I joined when I was still in college that offered me one audition in the entire year (for a streaking role as opposed to a speaking role) to auditions, bullying within acting classes to trying to find those elusive jobs that no-one who doesn’t have a good agent doesn’t get.

I want to be able to show on these blogs how I get on with not only the art of acting, but the ups and downs of being an actor.

At the moment, I’ve just achieved my equity card. Hopefully it’ll help my credibility – plus the added bonus of insurance, support and listing that I’m a member on their site.

I’m still doing my fair share of background work through All Talent UK, although I’m on their books as a featured artist. But what can I say – money for it isn’t bad.

I have a feature film next year, whether it is funded or not, although the script that I’ve read so far and synopsis is sounding fab. Just can’t wait to hear if we get the funding now.

I’m excited about what holds for me and my collegues next year… Congratulations to my friend Kym Huynh who’s now rehearsing for the film Dark and Secret Places. I’m really excited for him and I can’t wait to read his blogs about his experiences on set… Keep an eye out for him. 😉

On the Night is Day front – we only have about 4 days left filming for the second series. It’s been a wild journey with the low budget Scottish sci fi series, but we’ve managed to keep excitement up about the end of filming and the viewing of the first two episodes (or at least that’s the plan) at the wrap party. We will have a premiere of the whole 7 episodes when they are edited and ready to go. My character Sakura this series has been getting into quite a few tussles this series, and I’ve been able to help with some of the fight co-ordination using my judo and wrestling experience. With the help of Crawford Young, licenced judoka (and general good sport), I’ve managed to make Sakura look like she can throw people effortlessly… even though they are clearly larger and better built than 5ft 1 me, although when you do see it on screen… yes, I’m really throwing these people. The looks of crew and extras on the day when I got to perform the stunt (about 20 times) had people pleasantly stunned… which felt good, although throwing people in heeled shoes… not a good idea. I believe Sakura may have a couple different outfits next series.

Little me throwing Crawford in heels

Little me throwing Crawford in heels

I have had the honour of being able to watch the amazing fight co-ordination of Carter Ferguson which has helped me so much when co-ordinating the few fight sequences I’ve had to construct.

So that’s the roundup for the moment. I hope everyone’s had a fantastic holiday season and has a peaceful new year.

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