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January 12, 2009 eileenyoung

I’ve finished doing a voiceover for a corporate(ish) video for a new local school, showing the pupils around and allowing those with special needs the ability to see the school before having to get into the new routine of going there. We’re also doing another video for the school about the extra curricular past year.

At Night is Day, we’ve just found a new Amy, so we’ll be filming her first part on Sunday.

Update on moi and my big ol’ journey to getting acting work, I’m in the process of signing up with agent Kay Gannon on her full acting books. I’m chuffed to bits and want to work hard in perfecting my audition technique and have some audition material on standby. It’s taken about 9 months to get from starting at the agency to getting onto Kay’s acting books, but by no means does this mean I’ve cracked it… I need to work harder than ever learning all I can about monologues, plays, cinema, makeup, dance and acting. I’m looking forward to the challange.

I worked hard at the casting masterclass I took in November with Nancy Bishop and learned a lot. I’d really like to take meisner or method lessons. Perhaps if I get a couple jobs.

OK, so till next time… toodles!

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